Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! Episode 17 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Moonlight That Pierces the Darkness
Episode Description:
Cid’s sister Claire visits but he avoids her by pretending to join Skel in hunting Rose for a huge reward. Cid actually respects Rose for risking everything to escape an unwanted marriage. Cid overhears the piano song Moonlight Sonata and finds Epsilon playing it. Epsilon explains she is able to cultivate useful connections in Oriana Kingdom by posing as a skilled pianist. Alexia and Beta suspect Rose fled after discovering Perv is a cultist using magic to brainwash the king, so they enter the underground to find her. Rose, suffering more from her infected blood, considers surrendering to avoid dragging Oriana into war. She suddenly hears the Sonata and finds Eminence playing the piano in the underground. She realises she can’t surrender so Eminence cures her blood and grants her power before vanishing. Cult soldiers locate Rose but she kills them and decides to end her partnership with Alexia and Beta to fight alone, pleasing Beta who is sure this was Cid’s goal all along. Cid is pleased he was able to pull off the dramatic scene of playing a piano underground to impress Rose. He returns home and finds Claire has stubbornly waited all day for his return.

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