Justice League: The New Frontier


Episode Title:
Justice League: The New Frontier.
Episode Description:
An unknown entity (Keith David), after witnessing the evolution of life on Earth, has decided to eradicate mankind due to its capacity of violence. At the end of the Korean War, United States Air Force pilot Hal Jordan (David Boreanaz) and his wingman, Kyle "Ace" Morgan (John Heard), are attacked by enemy pilots but survive. In Gotham, J'onn J'onzz (Miguel Ferrer)—the last survivor of the Green Martian race— is teleported to Earth; unable to return, J'onn disguises himself. In Las Vegas, Iris West (Vicki Lewis) is on the telephone with her fiancé Barry Allen—known as Flash—(Neil Patrick Harris) at a casino when Captain Cold (James Arnold Taylor) arrives to commit robbery; he races from Central City to confront Cold. Flash finds the six bombs hidden by Cold and captures him, before Cold is possessed by an entity. After two years, J'onn (as John Jones) is a detective with the Gotham City Police Department. A doomsday cult that worships "The Centre" has kidnapped a child for a sacrificial ritual; J'onn and his partner Slam Bradley (Jim Meskimen) join Batman (Jeremy Sisto) in battling the cult, but a fire renders J'onn powerless until it is extinguished. The cult leader is possessed by the entity, who identifies itself as "The Centre", and warns of impending judgement. Hal trains under Col. Rick Flag (Lex Lang) at Ferris Aircraft for a project commissioned by the U.S. government, as explained by Carol Ferris (Brooke Shields), to build a spacecraft for travel to Mars. Special agent King Faraday (Phil Morris) oversees the project. Batman suggests to J'onn that they work together in investigating the The Centre-worshiping cult. The Flash defeats a robotic duplicate of Gorilla Grodd; after being targeted by the government, he announces his retirement. J'onn interrogates former Ferris employee Harry Leiter, who tells them about the launch to Mars and when Faraday arrives, J'onn briefly glimpses into his mind to learn the truth. Seeing the contemptuous public response to the Flash's announcement, J'onn gives his research to Batman and plans to hide on the rocket. J'onn and Faraday fight on the launchpad; the rocket is damaged and malfunctions after leaving Earth's atmosphere. Hal wants to attempt a landing but Flag reveals weapons of mass destruction are on board, intended to destroy any life on Mars. Hal is ejected from the cockpit and saved by Superman (Kyle MacLachlan); Flag detonates the rocket as J'onn is held prisoner.

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