Ittoki the Ninja Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Crafters and Users
Episode Description:
The NSC continues to investigate Kishinmaru's death, with the lead suspect being Tokisada. The rookie investigator Shione Kouzuki is assigned to trail him. Meanwhile, Ittoki's class is assigned a ninja tools test, where the objective is to steal the test answers without the teachers knowing. Ryoko gives Ittoki some training, and reveals her father wants her to live a normal life instead of succeeding him. Ittoki and his friends come up with a plan to steal the answers, but Ittoki's inexperience with using ninja tools tips off the teacher to their presence, forcing Kirei to act as a distraction while Ryoko picks the lock to the safe. Elsewhere, Tokisada meets with Ryoko's father Gantetsu, who mentions that the Koga approached him with working on a secret project. Tokisada then sneaks into Koga factory looking for the plans to the project but fails to find them. However, he uses Shione as a distraction to escape, and forges an large order of ninja toys from the Saiga clan. The next day, Gantetsu lets slip to Tokisada that Kidou is looking for a powerful Ninja Core. He reports this back to Yumika, who realizes the Koga want to steal the Iga's secret Ninja Core to start a war. At Kokuten, Ittoki and his friends find out to their shock that the Koga bullies had secretly swapped the test answers before they stole them, though Ryoko is able to ace the test regardless. Kousetsu warns Ittoki that one of his friends must be a traitor, as there is no other way the Koga could have known about their plan. Later, the NSC complete their autopsy of Satomi's corpse and find a microchip embedded in her brain.

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