In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Alchemy Ward and an Unexpected Reunion
Episode Description:
Touya and the girls locate another teleportation circle that sends Touya to the Alchemy Laboratory Island with its keeper Flora. Flora accepts Touya after making him grope her breasts. Touya learns the lab is an advanced medical facility Professor Regina used to create sexual stimulants. Touya locates a Null spell that lets him fly. Love Goddess informs Touya it is time to meet Yae, Elze and Linze’s parents. Yae’s father demands a duel with Touya, but when Yae offers to duel her father instead he accepts their marriage. Elze and Linze’s aunt and uncle accept their marriage without issue. Ende appears and reveals the Phrase are searching for their King’s power core which is somewhere inside a random human. Ende is also looking for the core and claims he is just a Traveller on a 5000 year adventure. Touya asks Francesca to mass produce the anti-Phrase suits, but the Workshop doesn’t have the materials. Needing materials and the other islands quickly Kohaku suggests contracting the Flame Emperor, a Phoenix and Queen of Birds. Upon summoning her she easily agrees to a contract and is named Kougyoku. With her power over birds Kougyoku sends every bird in the world to search for the still missing teleportation circles.

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