High School DxD BorN Episode 4 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Interception, Commence!.
Episode Description:
The Three Factions are discussing how to deal with Loki. The members of the Sitri family volunteer to follow after Loki as Rias calls on Sirzechs to help. Irina will join Rias, Xenovia, Issei, and Akeno. While gearing up and saying goodbye, the party is joined by Rossweisse, Odin's daughter. Issei promises to protect Koneko, who is a bit worried about their trip, before both the Gremory Clan and Sitri family set out to chase down Loki. Issei and Saji discuss their respective club presidents before Loki appears. Loki and Rossweisse get into an argument before Loki summons Fenrir's children and the Midgard Serpent. Issei suits up and tries to battle against the two children of Fenrir. Xenovia and Kiba come to his aid. Tsubaki uses Mirror Alice against the serpent, sending its flames back at it. Irina transforms into what looks to be an angel and uses the power of Michael to attack. Loki finds that the group is more formidable than he believed. Koneko and Akeno both unleash new powerful forms. Rossweisse tries to reason with Loki again but he claims to be fixing Lord Odin's mistake. Saji traps Loki with his upgraded whip, but Loki breaks free and rains hail down on the protagonists. The fighters are forced to use the remainder of their phoenix tears. The hammer of Thor appears as a gift from Odin. Rossweisse tells Issei to use it, but he is wounded by Fenrir right as he tries to use it. The Occult Research Club comes to his aid and try to take down Fenrir and the serpent. Rias however invokes her last bits of strength, swearing to exact revenge on Loki.

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