Girls und Panzer OVA: This is the Real Anzio Battle! English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Girls und Panzer OVA: This is the Real Anzio Battle!.
Episode Description:
Set during episode seven, the Italian-themed Anzio High School prepares for their upcoming match against Ōarai, with commander Anchovy procuring a secret weapon for the occasion. Meanwhile, Yukari manages to sneak into Anzio and gather intel for Ōarai, learning that their secret weapon is a Carro Armato P40 tank. After Miho visits the Hippo Team to research information on the tank, the Ōarai girls have a training match to learn how best to fight against their next opponents. The day of the match between Ōarai and Anzio soon arrives, with Hippo Team's member Caesar briefly rekindling her childhood friendship with one of Anzio's sub-leaders, Carpaccio, before the match officially gets underway. Ōarai is initially held at bay by Anzio tanks standing on a vantage position, but quickly discover from their odd numbers that they are actually cardboard cut-outs designed to intimidate and confuse them. The girls soon engage with the real Anzio tanks, with the Hippo team dueling against Carpaccio's Semovente, which ends in both teams taking each other out. Thanks to Miho's training, Ōarai eventually manages to thin out all of Anzio's tankettes and immobilize the P40, winning the match. After the match, Anzio holds a banquet to celebrate a good battle, while Caesar and Carpaccio look forward to their next match. On the day of the tournament's finals, Anzio shows up early to support Ōarai as promised, only to sleep through the entire match following a night of partying.

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