Girls und Panzer das Finale – Part 3 English Subbed


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After regrouping, Chihatan resumes its hit-and-run attacks on Ōarai. Chihatan's commander Kinuyo Nishi decides to focus on taking out Anglerfish Team to destroy Ōarai's morale. Ōarai tank teams quickly become separated in the confusion and multiple skirmishes take place. Miho decides to turn on her tank's headlight to expose her location and draw all of the Chihatan tanks towards her. As Chihatan celebrates after disabling Anglerfish Team's tank, Turtle Team, Ōarai's flag tank, comes out of hiding and disables Kinuyo's tank, winning the match in the process. In other matches, Kuromorimine defeats Pravda after Erika Itsumi followed Maho Nishizumi's advice and used her tactics that diverge from the school's traditional frontal attack, St. Gloriana easily defeats Anzio, and Keizoku manages to pull an upset victory against Saunders. This leaves Ōarai to face off against Keizoku and Kuromorimine against St. Gloriana in the semifinals.

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