Garfield's Pet Force


Episode Title:
Garfield's Pet Force.
Episode Description:
On the planet Dorkon, Professor Wally (The professor counterpart to Wally) shows Emperor Jon (the Emperor counterpart to Jon Arbuckle) his new invention, The Moscram ray gun, a device powered by the Klopman crystal that can scramble inanimate objects and organisms into new creatures under the user's control. But Emperor Jon is concerned about finding a wife to continue the royal bloodline. Soon a warship lands outside the palace. Emperor Jon sees Vetvix (the super-villain counterpart to Liz), and asks her if he can marry her. She agrees, but only because she wanted to steal the Moscram Ray Gun. She zombifies Emperor Jon's guards. Professor Wally calls the Pet Force: Garzooka (Garfield's superhero counterpart, voiced by Frank Welker), who can spit green hairballs out of his mouth, Odious (Odie's supehero counterpart, voiced by Gregg Berger), who can whack and move objects with his powerful tongue, Abnermal (Nermal's superhero counterpart, voiced by Jason Marsden), who can can run at an amazing speed and Starlena (Arlene's superheronie counterpart, voiced by Audery Wasilewski), who can freeze her enemies by staring at them. But Vetvix zombifies every member of the Pet Force except Garzooka. He manages to get hold of the Klopman Crystal and escapes with Professor Wally in a secret passageway. The professor uses his computer to search the universe for counterparts with DNA matches with the Pet Force. Professor Wally finds the counterparts, and give Garzooka their pictures and some serums that will transform the counterparts into the Pet Force, and he flies away in his space ship to Comic Strip World leaving Professor Wally behind with Vetvix vowing for revenge.

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