Franklin's Magic Christmas


Episode Title:
Franklin's Magic Christmas.
Episode Description:
In this story, Franklin the turtle and his little sister, Harriet (introduced in the previous film, Franklin and the Green Knight) are planning to pay a visit to and spend Christmas with their maternal grandparents at Faraway Farm, a farm faraway from Woodland where their mother Mrs. Turtle grew up at. As the Turtle Family gets ready to go to the farm, they sing "Deck the Halls" in only the first and third verses. Franklin immediately becomes annoyed with Harriet when she throws a snowball, causing him to drop a large pile of presents. Bear and Beatrice come, and Franklin accidentally forgets his favourite stuffed toy, Sam, at home. Franklin thinks that Harriet dumped Sam in the snow on purpose, when it was really Beatrice who had Sam after they left, and Bear failed to give it back to Franklin and Franklin is still annoyed with Harriet when they get to Faraway Farm and it's revealed that he and Harriet will be sleeping in the same room. Later, his maternal grandmother tells a strange story from her childhood about a reindeer. This story involves a flashback showing the little Grandma Turtle and Great-Grandpa Turtle. She admits that she might have imagined it as the father takes a family portrait, in which Franklin gives a sad look. Grandma Jenny Turtle sends Franklin to bed, and shows him Sirius outside and sings to him and Harriet Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

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