Fireman Sam: The Great Fire of Pontypandy


Episode Title:
Fireman Sam: The Great Fire of Pontypandy.
Episode Description:
Fireman Sam is awarded for rescuing Charlie from the edge of the lighthouse cliff and starting up the broken light again, making Elvis want to be a hero too. Chief Fire Officer Boyce offers Sam a promotion to head the rapid response service in Newtown. Sam promises to think about it until the end of the day. Meanwhile, James, Sarah, Norman, Dilys Price, and Derek are on the way to the forest with Trevor (the Pontypandy Pioneers Trip). Back at the fire station, Sam and Penny Morris rescue Mike Flood from drowning in the harbour sea. After a sneak off from the group, Norman decides to cook sausages that he brought earlier to the forest (ignoring the warnings that the forest is too dry to start fires) and sets fire to old wood using a sharp wood pin. Dilys finds them but fails to notice the fire. Meanwhile, Mike forgets the phone and the hammer, and locks himself in the lighthouse after he mends the door. Helen and Mandy are trying to find the campsite when Helen steps into the mantrap Trevor set up minutes earlier. Sam and Penny leave the station, but as Elvis and Radar are already there, Helen is rescued. Mike sees smoke coming from the forest and as his mobile is locked out, he uses the lighthouse to spell "FOREST FIRE" in Morse Code. Sam and Penny read the code and call Steele to the forest. The campsite group smell the smoke and leave the campsite to get out of the forest. The fire spreads to the campsite. Elvis and Radar find the group and follow Venus' siren, getting out of the forest before the fire engulfs it...

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