Family Guy Season 21 Episode 7 The Stewaway


Episode Title:
The Stewaway
Episode Description:
During a fundraiser at his daycare, Stewie is introduced to Hide-and-seek and becomes addicted to it. During one of many attempts to play it with Brian, he hides in Quagmire's suitcase and is accidentally brought to Paris, France. Quagmire agrees to babysit him after being guilt-tripped by Lois, and the two end up getting along, only to have a drunken night on the town as Stewie wanders off to chase Madeline. Quagmire calls Brian over to help find him, ultimately finding him lost in a graveyard. Brian humors him by saying he was too good at hide-and-seek, and the three head off to enjoy Paris together. Meanwhile, at the same fundraiser, Peter and Lois successfully bid on tickets to Vermont, where Lois intends to break Bonnie's Instagram like record. After several failed attempts, she ends up falling off a cliff while trying to take a scenic photo, deciding that no record is worth injuring herself over. However, Peter discovers that the picture of Lois' broken leg managed to break Bonnie's record after all, much to her glee.

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