Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show


Episode Title:
Big Picture Show.
Episode Description:
Eddy's most recent moneymaking scheme has backfired heavily and left Peach Creek in a state of devastation. The other children are horribly wounded, except for Sarah and Jimmy, and they all decide to confront the Eds violently. After narrowly escaping, the Eds decide to search for Eddy's older brother for protection. However, Eddy does not actually know where his brother lives. Although not affected by the scam, Jimmy and Sarah seek to have a picnic and watch the Eds get beaten up. Jonny and Plank don their respective superhero alter-egos "Captain Melonhead" and "Splinter the Wonderwood" while searching for the Eds in a city bus. Rolf leaves with overflowing luggage riding on the back of his pig Wilfred, using Wilfred's sense of smell and whatever deduction methods he has at his disposal to find the Eds. Kevin and Nazz travel via Kevin's prized bicycle. When the Kanker sisters Lee, Marie, and May find out what the kids plan on doing to the Eds, they go off to protect their "boyfriends" from the children's wrath. In the meantime, the Eds are left to aimlessly wander under Eddy's direction. In a cow field, Edd profiles Eddy's brother and reasons that given his con artistry, he would likely be found at a place involving pranks. Ed uses one of his 10-year-old comic books to suggest that the group travels to the Lemon Brook Gag Factory through a sunflower field. Upon arriving, they find the factory deserted and abandoned. Ed and Eddy goof around with the leftover gags while Edd searches for clues in the office.

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