Durarara!! Episode 12.5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Heaven's Vengeance.
Episode Description:
Tom comes to a couple's apartment to collect debt from a man named Ginjiro. His girlfriend, Hanako, gives him a red bag to escape with down a tree. However, Shizuo swings Ginjiro off of the tree, and he flies over the freeway. The red bag, containing a change of clothes and food, drops onto Saburo's van, and Erika and Walker believe it belongs to aliens. Mikado invites Masaomi and Anri to go out. Celty is contacted by Izaya to retrieve a red bag for him. Ginjiro steals a red bag of money from the Tsunohazu syndicate group, and a foreign syndicate that smuggles animals has a rare animal in a red bag stolen from them. They both contact Izaya for help, and Izaya tells them both that the Black Rider has each of their bags. After Celty retrieves Izaya's red bag, she is soon chased by the foreign syndicate. Celty manages to lose them, but the foreign syndicate notice Ginjiro's red bag on top of Saburo's van, which Erika and Walker put up there to return to the aliens. While Saburo tries to avoid the foreign syndicate, Ginjiro's red bag falls off Saburo's van and drops into a bush. Both the Tsunohazu group and the foreign syndicate find and chase Celty, who leads them to a dark garage, where the Awakusu group splatter neon paint on them. The foreign syndicate flee, while the Awakusu group beats up the Tsunohazu group. Celty's red bag is revealed to contain the rare animal, and Izaya shows up with the Tsunohazu group's red bag of money, which he took from Ginjiro. Izaya and Haruya Shiki, a member of the Awakusu group, reveal to Celty that the foreign syndicate were originally going to sell the rare animal to the Awakusu group, but tried to double-cross them by selling the animal to the Tsunohazu group instead. The Awakusu group take the money while Izaya takes the animal. Meanwhile, Mikado, Masaomi, and Anri find Ginjiro's red bag of clothes and food and brings it to the police department office, where Hanako, who happens to be there at the time, claims it. Ginjiro reunites with Hanako, and they share the food from the bag. Izaya contacts the Tsunohazu group and tells them that Shizuo stole their red bag of money. They confront Shizuo, who sends them flying out a window; the group creates an aurora in the sky while flying over the city, due to their neon paint, leading everyone to believe that it was an extraterrestrial sighting.

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