Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn


Episode Title:
Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn.
Episode Description:
The movie takes place fifty years before the game. Alteria is a land divided among humans, elves, beasts, and dragons. Decades ago, the elves and humans drove the beasts and dragons back into the Dark Mountains. Evil thrives on darkness and draws strength from it. Rage and fury gather in the gem possessed by the Black Dragon Karas, waiting for the dragon to reawaken. In recent years, humans and elves have been fighting for territory. And because of this, they cannot see the common enemy and the greater evil coming their way. No one but the Elf Princess Nerwin can see the growing storm and thinks Alteria’s only hope is to forget the past and ally with the humans. She has decided to act on her own in secret – a courageous but foolish act. Meet Lambert, a human who has a run-in with some beasts before being rescued by Barnac from his ship. Aboard the ship, he meets Barnac, the famous mercenary; Geraint, the famous dragon fighter; and Argenta, Geraint’s sister. They stop in the kingdom of Saint Haven, govern by the human king, where Lambert finds and rescues Liya, an elven archer under Nerwin. Then the beasts Lambert encountered earlier, return. The beasts are defeated by Velskud of the Imperial Knights. Back in the castle of Saint Haven, Nerwin tries desperately to convince the human king to ally with the elves but it ends in vain. But when Velskud brings him a beast helmet and Barnac, Geraint, and Argenta join in the plan for alliance, the king reluctantly agrees...

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