Digimon Adventure Tri: Determination English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Digimon Adventure Tri: Determination.
Episode Description:
Determination While Joe stays home to study for his exams, the DigiDestined and their Digimon go on a trip to a hot spring inn, where they meet Nishijima and Himekawa. During the trip, the girls have a misadventure when Biyomon and Meicoomon are separated from them and wind up in the men's baths. Following the trip, Himekawa and Nishijima direct soldiers to use experimental weapons against an infected Ogremon that manifests in Odaiba but is taken back to the Digital World by Leomon. As Mimi and Meiko prepare for a cheer girl café for the upcoming school festival, Ogremon appears again and they try to fight him, hoping to improve their Digimon's reputation...

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