Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Tuesday of Turbulence I.
Episode Description:
Makato briefs an infiltration team of JP's agents on their way via train to retake the JP's Nagoya Branch from Ronaldo's control. At the same time, Daichi and Io stow away on the train and ponder why Hibiki left them behind. Just then, they are shocked to receive Hibiki's death clip and resolve to save him themselves. In the meantime, the JP's tries to reassess the situation after losing contact with Hibiki and now their infiltration team as Dr. Kanno repairs the damage to the JP's Osaka servers. Meanwhile in Nagoya, Jungo Torii and Airi Ban plan to infiltrate the JP's Nagoya Branch and retake it from the insurgents, although Airi also speculates that the JP's and the Resistance (Insurgents) had prior knowledge of the calamity. Elsewhere, Daichi and Io arrive in Nagoya to discover a Resistance camp handing out rations to civilians. Just then the camp is attacked by a swarm of rogue Legion demons. Daichi and Io summon their demons to intercept, however the swarm proves to be too large...

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