David Copperfield 1993


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David Copperfield 1993.
Episode Description:
The film starts with a female cat Betsey Trotwood (voiced by Andrea Martin) impatiently making her way through the Christmas festive streets of Blunderstone with armfuls of gifts. She wants to see her niece and is quite abrasive, knocking people around when they get in her way. As she passes, the film's main villains, a leonine Edward Murdstone (voiced by Michael York) and a fat mouse/rat named Grimby (voiced by Richard Dumont), are seeking new "workers"—i.e. abducting orphans and urchins off the streets. At the Copperfield estate, a feline doctor sees to the widow Clara's delivery. The chubby mole servant/attendant Peggotty brings several containers of hot water and assures that the delivery will go smoothly. David is brought into the world. Betsey arrives with the belief that her sister gave birth to a daughter. When she finds out that her niece is actually a nephew, Aunt Betsey is furious and leaves in a huff. Years later, on his fifteenth birthday, David (voiced by Julian Lennon) is quite happy with the gifts he has been given, including a harpsichord that had belonged to his late father, but not quite happy with his mother's insistence on being civil with Murdstone. When Murdstone arrives, he is rather rude, even to Clara's face, but she gets upset by David's response to his attitude. Clara believes that he will be a good father figure for David and be able to provide for him. David, as well as everyone else, senses something horrible about him and refuses to regard Murdstone with any level of respect, much to his mother's worry. Despite David's protests, Clara marries Murdstone who repeatedly reassures her that it's for the best. In the meantime, he also harasses David and belittles him for having an imagination. His initial cruelty is best demonstrated when he nearly crushes David's little bird to death to demonstrate the cruelty of the real world. When Clara is brought down by illness, Murdstone arranges for David to move with him to London where he'll work in his factory. David protests but is forced to go along, although he has a chance encounter with love interest Agnes Wickfield (voiced by Sheena Easton) when her father the Duke comes by Murdstone's factory. While Murdstone tries to keep the Duke from taking his the factory (Murdstone has failed to pay the rent), David and Agnes become more properly acquainted, bonding over a love of literature. But David's brief moment of joy is cut short by the Duke and Murdstone's arrival (it turns out that they weren't around for rent-collecting but because Agnes was curious about the process of cheese-making). But before they leave, Agnes arranges for David and Murdstone to join them for tea the next Saturday. David agrees. Once Agnes and the Duke are gone, Murdstone cruelly throws David into the factory where he is beaten and tossed about by Murdstone's security force, The next morning, David awakens in Mr Micawber's house and is ushered in by a dog named Mealy (voiced by Howie Mandel). They dissuade some angry Londoners demanding Micawber pay their debts by making a charade that Micawber left his wife and kids. The Micawbers are far more civil than Murdstone. Micawber brings food for the workers but the time comes for work...

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