Date A Live Season 2 OVA English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Kurumi Star Festival / Encore.
Episode Description:
Set on the 7th of July, it's the day where the Tanabata Festival happens. As Shido is waiting to cross the street, he sees Kurumi on the other side. After crossing, he is surprised by Kurumi who then asks him on a date all of a sudden. Shido is thinking of rejecting her invitation but is curious about her acting out of character, adding on with her fake crying, he eventually agrees to do so. After looking at many delicious foods being sold at the festival, Kurumi brings Shido to the Planetarium. At first, Shido doesn't intend to bother about it but it seems that his point of view on Kurumi begins to change; he thinks that she is really acting like a normal girl but still feels doubtful because he hasn't figured out her true intentions. While watching a presentation in the Planetarium, they have a conversation about the Legend of Orihime and Hikoboshi. Kurumi then tells Shido that she wants to write a tanzaku, believing her written wish will be granted...

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