Chainsaw Man Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Gun Devil
Episode Description:
Denji's experience touching Power's breasts is underwhelming, something Makima insists is a result of him not knowing his partner well enough. She proceeds to sexually tease Denji and allows him to touch her own breasts, leaving him speechless. She then offers to grant him any wish he wants if he kills the Gun Devil, a powerful beast responsible for more than one million deaths, including Aki's family. Using a chunk from the Gun Devil lightly magnetized to other fragments, Public Safety discovers a devil hiding in a hotel and sends Aki's team - consisting of Denji, Power, Aki's longtime friend Himeno, the timid Kobeni, and the headstrong Arai - to neutralize it. To motivate the rookies, Himeno offers a kiss to whomever slays the devil first, convincing Denji...

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