Chainsaw Man Episode 4 English Dubbed


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After defeating the Bat Devil, a surviving Power is left stunned at Denji's tenacity, and allows him to fondle her breasts. However, the Leech Devil suddenly arrives, blasting off Denji's arm and eating it. Denji tries to transform into the Chainsaw Man, but his lack of blood from the previous fight prevents a full transformation, growing only a small chainsaw on his head. Even still, Denji pushes forward with his dream in mind, and battles Leech, inflicting her some damage. However, he is overpowered, and as he is about to be killed, Aki arrives and obliterates the Leech with a massive fox-like beast. In the debriefing, Aki explains that he managed to reattach Denji's arm after a blood transfusion, and explains that the fox is his Fox Devil, with whom he created a contract. Aki then says that both Denji and Power may be disposed of, but offers Denji compliance to his rules in exchange for saving them. Denji agrees, so Aki gets Makima's approval in keeping them alive. However, this means Power now resides in Aki's appartment as well, resulting in chaos. That night, Power sticks to her promise with Denji, much to his delight.

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