Buddy Daddies Episode 8 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Nothing Seek, Nothing Find
Episode Description:
Rei is summoned by his father, Boss. Kazuki and Miri are shown plotting something in Rei’s absence. Boss, head of a major assassin organisation, thinks of himself as underworld nobility and demands Rei stop trying to rebel like an angry teenager, return home and carry on their family line. Rei asks for more time and Boss agrees but orders Rei to assassinate the man who trained him to fight, who recently betrayed their organization. Kazuki and Miri prepare a party for Rei’s birthday. Rei learns his instructor fell in love and tried to leave the organisation, so Boss had his girlfriend killed. Despite the injustice Rei engages the man in a lengthy fight and though Rei tries to spare him at the end the man forces Rei to kill him so he can be with his girlfriend. Disgusted at Boss and at himself, Rei wonders whether he is only fit to be a tool for assassination or if he deserves something better like his instructor wanted. Kazuki abruptly arrives to drag him home, showing him the party Miri prepared. Despite everything, Rei actually smiles. Meanwhile, Boss sends Kyutaro a demand for information on Kazuki and Miri.

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