Buddy Daddies Episode 7 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
After Rain Comes Fair Weather
Episode Description:
Miri is almost hit by a car, causing Kazuki to remember a traumatic event. He later finds a photo of his wife, Yuzuko, and decides he doesn’t deserve to be happy. The stress of caring for Miri and Rei causes him to lose his temper and leave. A panicked Rei takes Miri to day-care on his own in the rain. Kazuki hides at Kyutaro’s bar where Karin, revealed as his sister-in-law, has returned all the money he sent. Rei discovers it is the weekend and day-care is closed. Karin finds Kazuki and it is revealed Yuzuko and their unborn child died in a car explosion caused by Kazuki chasing an assassination target. Miri develops a fever from the rain so Rei rushes her to Kyutaro for help. Kazuki visits Yuzuko’s grave where Karin reveals she is moving past Yuzuko’s death and going to university in France. She also reminds Kazuki that Yuzuko wanted him to be happy, so it is alright to be happy raising Miri. Kazuki returns home, finds Rei exhausted and Miri recovering from the fever and life returns to normal. Kazuki retrieves Yuzuko’s photograph from its drawer and displays it on his desk.

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