Broken Blade Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Gap Between Life and Death.
Episode Description:
Girge is questioned by Narvi over his surprise attack against Borcuse forces and has him detained so he does not repeat his antics again. Later Loggin, Rygart and Nile learns about True's death but Nile is unsure whether to tell the true to Narvi. While Rygart and Baldr talk about Girge's past and Cleo learns more about Zess's academy days with Sigyn, the Athenian Invasion army have finally regroup and despite losing many Golems, Nike's ego badly bruised by Girge and the death of one of his officers, Borcuse is overjoyed at finding two worthy opponents to fight, particular Rygart and Girge. Rygart, after finding out that Borcuse is heading to his hometown where his little brother Regatz lives, disobeys Narvi's order to head home and search for his brother. However, when he arrives, the villagers have been killed by Borcuse's men. Borcuse is glad to see Rygart is here and has duel with him while his men are ordered to watched. After a long tenuous fight, Borcuse knocks out Rygart and orders his men to pry open the Delphine cockpit and kill the pilot before returning it to Athens. However, Rygart regains consciousness and is able to escape when his squad mates intervene. As they are about to fallback, the squad is intercepted by Io and Nike forces where Narvi, Loggin, and Nile's Golems are taken down. In the confusion, Girge runs away where Rygart chases after him where he has a duel with Rygart. As they battle, Girge mocks Rygart for defending the weak and reveals he knows the stories that Sigyn is in love with him and offers him the chance to make Sigyn his. But Rygart scoffs at Girge's ideals and tells him he should fight for Krisna just like his father and defeats him. Io and Nike's forces finally arrive where they corner both men and with the Delphine out of energy, Girge decides to save Rygart by kicking the Delphine into a valley while fighting against the enemy at the cost of his own life, killing many of them including Nike.

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