Bosco Daibouken Episode 2 English Subbed


Episode Title:
The dormant giant.
Episode Description:
Princess is having a dream about her throne disappearing. Later, in the distance, the crew sees the Sleepy Giant's mountain (ねむれる きょじん の やま), as Hoodman starts to catapult the Bosco ship. Two ships get carried by a storm, and Bosco starts drifting down the mountain. At one point the ship falls above the sleeping Giant, being held only by an anchor to the rock above. Bosco crew fixes the damage while trying not to wake up the sleeping one. Hoodman finds the ship and starts attacking it. Frog throws ashes in Giant's face which makes him cough and blow away the Bosco ship. Angry Giant then throws a huge rock at Scorpion. Bosco reaches the Dragon's valley (ドラゴン だに)

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