Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 12 English Subbed


Episode Title:
End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End.
Episode Description:
As All Might is officially retired, and All For One imprisoned in the Maximum Security Prison "Tartarus", the Police hold a closed conference on how this may embolden more villains to Shigaraki's League. A depressed Midoriya receives a text from All Might to meet at Degoba Beach where he trained for the entrance exams and the two share a heartfelt moment. Sometime later, Aizawa & All Might visit the student's parents to discuss a new dorm system to better protect the students. While many are open to it, including the Bakugo family, Izuku's mother Inko is against it as her son has repeatedly suffered grave bodily injuries in emulation of All Might since attending U.A. To prove his determination, Izuku shows his mother the note from Kota thanking him for being his hero; and as a show of humility, All Might bows his head to the ground to promise Inko he will be a better teacher for Izuku, finally earning her hesitant approval. Izuku promises to be more considerate of his mother's feelings from now on and work to be safer. Meanwhile, All For One is gleeful that Tomura will now evolve with his teacher's absence.

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