Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 11 English Subbed


Episode Title:
One For All.
Episode Description:
All Might and All For One clash furiously as their battle is witnessed by the entire world. To shatter All Might's resolve, All For One reveals he brainwashed the grandson of All Might's mentor, whom he killed, over several years into the now notorious Tomura Shigaraki; which strikes a pain into All Might's heart. This backfires as the hero now musters his power into his fist to deliver his strongest attack: the United States of Smash. Victorious but entirely spent, All Might sends a message through the TV which the populace thinks is a threat to future villains; however Midoriya realizes it is to let him know that it's time for him take on the mantle of the world’s Symbol of Peace.

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