Blue Lock Episode 12 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Second Selection
Episode Description:
Isagi entered into a small soccer ground where he a holographic Blue Lock Man appears with a holographic gate and goal zone. He was given 90 minutes to score 100 goals. Somehow, Isagi cleared the round. When he came out from the ground, he saw Nagi and Reo on the other side. A message appears to form a team of three and proceed to round 2. Moments later Bachira came and immediately form his team with Isagi. He thought that they will take Kunigami or Chigiri as their third member. Suddenly, Nagi approaches Isagi to join his team. Isagi declined his offer saying that he already made his team with Bachira. Nagi then joins Isagi's team leaving Reo alone. Three of them entered in a tunnel. They found Rin Itoshi, Jyubei Aryu and Aoshi Tokimitsu. Ego told them that they are free to choose their rival team.The team who will score five goals first, will be announced as the winner.The winning team can choose any member from the losing team. Isagi and his team decided to play against Itoshi's team.

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