Blinky Bill the Movie


Episode Title:
Blinky Bill the Movie.
Episode Description:
This the town of Greenpatch in Australia, Blinky Bill (Ryan Kwanten) tell the story about his father, Bill Koala (Richard Roxburgh) to rescue the animals he a hero. Ten years ago Blinky and his friends to time teaches Mayor Cranklepot the Goanna (Barry Otto) with the fruit bombs at the town, by the disaster the Statue Cranklepot chases Blinky head to the big rainforest. Then Blinky saw the mark that his dad but Cranklepot grabs him back to house to his mother, Betty Koala (Deborah Mailman) Blinky tell her to go saved his father at the sea of white dragons but his mom tell her son that his father not out there in the desert but Blinky feels very sad and crying that he never see him again and back to his room. The next day Blinky goes to findi his father in the outback, when he arrived at the Koala Joe's Roadhouse to see what to eat those gumnuts and he to get some water then he hears bang on the door he saw the feral cat named Sir Claude (Rufus Sewell) to catch a meat eater koala, but Blinky rides the van on the road...

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