Blade 2012 Episode 3 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Dead on Arrival.
Episode Description:
Blade slays the vampire as the man turns out to be his teacher Noah van Helsing and his dog Razor. Blade and Noah board a ship run by Captain MacRae as Makoto is shown to have stowed away. When Makoto tries to attack Blade, Noah manages to knock down Makoto as Razor licks Makoto. Noah passes Makoto off as a boy. While on the ride to the Phillipines, Noah gives Blade a medicine that would help with his condition. Later that night, Makoto tries to slay Blade in his sleep only for Blade to awaken and Noah to remove Makoto from the room. Noah explains to Makoto that Blade is a daywalker vampire and recaps his history with Blade...

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