BeyWheelz Episode 7 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Law of the Dominators!.
Episode Description:
After Covey's victory, DJ announces that the next round will be a tag-team battle. In the rest period between rounds the Dominators brutally punish Sting and his Scorpio for losing the first match. Gigante is brought to the room to witness Sting's punishment and to warn him that a loss in the next round would not be tolerated. Estrella's team of Nicole with Striker and Marche with Aries is sent to compete with the Dominator's brother team of David with Herculeo and Gigante with Gil. The random course selector chooses an oval stadium that at first appears to give an advantage to Estrella's team, but a water hazard that appears after five minutes proves to favor the Dominators. In the end David sacrifices his younger brother's bey in order to win the match, leaving the audience in shock and his brother heartbroken. The second match thereby goes to the Dominators.

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