BeyWheelz Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Judgment Bey Begins!.
Episode Description:
The battle of the Dominators and Team Estrella begins. Covey volunteers to be in the first match. Odin chooses Sting and Scorpio to go first. Everyone in the dome is cheering for Estrella, while the Dominators have no supporters in the crowd. DJ says the stadiums will be randomly picked by computers. Sting and Covey get a crash arena, with sand and cacti with metal spikes at the bottom of the jump. Covey's Bull is a heavy Power type while Sting's Scorpio is a light Speed type. Sting has the advantage and the battle seems to be one sided. Tables turn when Covey uses observations he made earlier today to develop a new technique and send Scorpio flying. The battle is decided when Scorpio gets stuck on a cactus' needle. Hereby, Estrella wins the first match.

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