Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas


Episode Title:
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.
Episode Description:
Belle and the Prince throw a Christmas party for the local villagers at their castle (with many of the servants previously enchanted). Lumiere and Cogsworth argue who brought Christmas back to the castle (both claiming credit for themselves), while Mrs. Potts insists of explaining the true story behind Christmas' return to the castle, while her son Chip listens with eager ears. The film then switches into a lengthy flashback, during the events of the first film right after the Beast saves Belle from a wolf pack. Belle is excited for Christmas but is shocked when the castle servants reveal the Beast has forbidden Christmas from occurring. Belle finds the Beast outside in the snow and offers to teach him ice skating. But inside Maestro Forte, the court composer (transformed into a pipe organ) playing a piece is interrupted by Fife the piccolo's applause. Forte offers Fife a solo in his opera for being his eyes and ears (since he's bolted to the wall), after Fife tells Forte about the master skating with Belle, Forte reveals his position as Beast's confidant and refuses to let Belle take his place, then instructs Fife to "see the blossoming love wither on the vine". When the Beast and Belle are having fun, Fife then interrupts their skating, causing them to crash into a snow-bank; and when Belle makes a snow angel, the Beast see his angel as a shadow of a monster. He roars, swipes at some snow and storms off inside, leaving Belle and the castle servants alone...

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