Ballmastrz 9009 Season 2 Episode 1 - Infinite Hugs: Cold Embrace of The Bloodless Progenitors!


Episode Title:
Infinite Hugs: Cold Embrace of The Bloodless Progenitors!.
Episode Description:
Following their win, the Leptons enter a string of successes and earn numerous fan letters (some of which are dick pics). Ace, however, is sad because he does not have any close family to share his wins. To get him out of his depression, Gaz and Babyball create two robots who pretend to be his long-lost parents. The rest of the team reluctantly goes along with it as Ace happily spends the day with his "parents" who slowly grow concerned with his easily injurable body. The Robo parents take Ace to a maintenance closet and announce their plan to convert him. The rest of the Leptons hear his cries and rush to save him. Despite this, Ace does not want to kill his "parents" but is forced to do so as Ballmaster. He admits that the Leptons are his family now.

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