Asu no Yoichi! Episode 2 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Welcome to Yokko.
Episode Description:
Ibuki reads Yoichi's lewd haiku about her and sends him flying into Ayame's room. The two sisters take him to Yokko Private High School, where he is in the same class as Washizu and Ibuki. Ibuki notices Yoichi being questioned by female students, takes him out in the hall, and beats him once again. Washizu, seeking to redeem his reputation, challenges Yoichi to a match with most of the school watching. Yoichi easily defeats him without weapons but catches a fever afterwards. The academic rivalry between Ayame and Ibuki is revealed. Later, Yoichi and Ibuki apologise to each other for their actions earlier in the day, to Ayame's dismay.

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