Asterix Versus Caesar


Episode Title:
Asterix Versus Caesar.
Episode Description:
In Rome, to honour the success of his campaigns of conquest, several provinces of the Roman Empire arrive in the city to offer gifts to Julius Caesar. Seeking to cement the celebrations with a grand show at the Colosseum, Caesar instructs the head of a prominent Gladiator School, Caius Fatuous, to ensure that the Circus Maximus is a success, promising to make him the wealthiest man in Rome, or the main attraction of the show if he fails. While discussing about the many gifts he has received from his Empire, Caius knows that one province hasn't, since it has yet to be conquered - a small village in Gaul. In the village at the same time, Asterix begins to notice his friend Obelix acting strangely, following the return of the chief's niece, Panacea. When Druid Getafix sees him become tongue-tied when talking with her, he reveals that Obelix has fallen in love with her. When Asterix sees that he is still infatuated with her the next day, he quickly suggests that his friend heads out for flowers to impress her. However, upon returning with a bouquet for Panacea, his heart is quickly broken when he sees her reunite with the recently returned Tragicomix, a handsome, young man whom Chief Vitalstatistix reveals will be soon marrying Panacea. Seeking to spend more time together following their reunion, the two lovers venture out into the nearby woods, but are swiftly ambushed and captured by a group of Romans, led by a fresh recruit hoping to make a good impression of himself with his Centurion, the head of a nearby garrison. However, his actions infuriate the Centurion, who berates him for his rashness before ordering the recruit to take Tragicomix and Panacea to the farthest outpost of the Empire (situated in the Sahara) before the Gauls realise what had happened. When they do, they quickly trash the camp, only to find out what the Centurion did with them, thus sending Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix (Idéfix) to go after the pair and rescue them...

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