Asterix and the Big Fight


Episode Title:
Asterix and the Big Fight.
Episode Description:
The Romans having been humiliated many times by the rebel Gauls, Felonius Caucus, advisor to Centurion Nebulus Nimbus, suggests a single combat between Vitalstatistix, chief of Asterix’s tribe, and the Gallo-Roman Chief, Cassius Ceramix of Linoleum. When Ceramix argues that Vitalstatistix would surely win with Getafix’ magic potion of invincibility, Caucus sends a patrol to capture Getafix before the challenge is made. To scatter the attackers, Obelix accidentally strikes Getafix with a menhir, the impact of which causes amnesia and insanity. Following Cassius Ceramix' challenge, Asterix and Vitalstatistix attempt to restore Getafix’s mind by experimenting in potions; but this produces only a whimsical sub-plot, in which the Roman soldier 'Informofpurpus', captured by Obelix as a test subject, is temporarily rendered weightless. Thereafter Asterix and Obelix consult Psychoanalytix (original French name is Amnesix), a druid who specializes in mental disorders; but during an explanation of the problem, Obelix demonstrates with a menhir, leaving Psychoanalytix "in the same state as Getafix". As the two crazed druids concoct a number of skin-coloring magic potions, Asterix tries to bring Vitalstatistix into good physical shape for the fight. Meanwhile, the Romans plan to arrest Cassius after the fight, lest he thereafter challenge their control of Gaul...

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