An undetermined time ago, the Guardian of the Milky Way, Lanancuras, started to harbor a desire for power, and eventually invaded the worlds he was assigned to protect. Being bound to the galaxy, he was able to absorb parts of a planet and add it to his strength. In his footsteps was a following from many planets, creatures that had pledged allegiance and were now named Kadrians. By the time the other Celestial Guardians confronted him, he was too strong to be defeated. The Celestial Guardians all gave up a part of their power and combined it into a single Guardian, Mushra, whose core was used to create a card to seal Lanancuras. The prison was made from parts of the planets that had suffered under his power and with the help of the card, the meteorite was able to restrain him, as planets are beings on their own and hold a significant amount of power as well.

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