Siblings Chuck and Nancy come across a cave off the coast of Maine where they find a mysterious chest containing halves of a strange ring. When they first join the rings, they end up transported back to the fabled land of the Arabian Nights where they meet their genie Shazzan. Shazzan creates a magical flying camel named Kaboobie to serve as their mode of transportation and gives them gifts like an invisibility cloak and a magic rope. Shazzan tells Chuck and Nancy that he can't return them home until they deliver the two rings to his rightful owner known as the Wizard of the 7th Mountain. Shazzan is very large, being able to hold Chuck, Nancy, and Kaboobie in the open palm of his hand. He is wise and jolly in nature, usually appearing with a cheerful "Ho-ho ho-HO!" and addressing the two children as his "little masters". Chuck and Nancy each wear one half of the broken ring, which has to be joined to bring forth their magical servant in times of danger or different villains.

Genre; Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy

Language; Cartoon

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