Sadie Sparks

Sadie Sparks


Sadie Sparks is set in the fictional American town of Harmony, and revolves around the adventures of Sadie, a teenage girl who discovers she has magical abilities and becomes a magician-in-training. She receives the guidance of a grumpy, magical, talking bunny, Gilbert, who was sent to the human world from the Magical Realm to train Sadie and keep her powers under control,[2] but with this new responsibility, Sadie must also balance high school life. Throughout the series, it is established and hinted that there is a weak, unstable and dangerous connection between the human world and the Magical Realm, with rifts frequently growing between both worlds that can be closed with an incredibly sticky magic glue substance. These rifts usually cause magical beings and artifacts to fall into Harmony. By the end of the series, the largest rift yet grows between both worlds, and Sadie, with her newfound strengthened magical abilities, manages to close it while risking her life, encouraged by her friends' immense support. The Wardens of Wizardry are still left fearing that this will be the first of larger rifts to come.

Genre; Animation, Comedy, Fantasy


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