The series focuses on seven furry colourful suited monsters called the Oddbods - Fuse, Pogo, Newt, Bubbles, Slick, Zee and Jeff The storyline of each episode (according to the show synopses) depicts how these characters "survive the perils of everyday life, unintentionally turning ordinary situations into unexpected, extraordinary and always humorous events." Episodes typically employ physical comedy and pranks played out between the characters and the characters will eat pancakes for breakfast in every episode. The series was conceived as a non-dialogue comedy which the series' creators and writers explain as: "captures the madcap yet charming antics of the Oddbods, who celebrate success where they find it and take failure in their stride. To turn 'different' into a positive; celebrating individuality in a humorous, warm and unexpected way." The series' strapline is "Embrace Your Inner Odd, There's a Little Odd in Everyone!

Genre; Animation, Comedy, Family


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