The series is set in the mystical world of Gemina and in its capitol called Drake City, following the adventures of four teenage girls who are chosen by the all-powerful Dragon Disk to become legendary heroes known as the Mysticons. Arkayna, Emerald, Zarya and Piper undertake an arduous quest to find four spellbooks and animal-themed bracers of mystical power to form the Codex. This will grant them their full strength and abilities necessary to save their world from Dreadbane, who seeks to release Necrafa, the leader of the Spectral Hand and Queen of the Undead. When Necrafa is freed she betrays Dreadbane and throws him into where she was banished by Imani Firewing, the original Mysticon Dragon Mage, a millennium ago.

Genre; Action, Animation, Magic, Science Fantasy


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