Mini Force X

Mini Force X


Zenos who was once defeated by space cops, is not dead yet. Hundreds of years later, a space pirate gang DanDanDan (Kara, Dante, and Dancho) finds Zenos being confined in Asteroid Crete. Zenos lost most of his power but manages to escape Crete by making a promise to DanDanDan that he will make their dream come true. Zenos' power source is the negative emotions like sadness and fear that living things generate. A massive amount of negative energy is needed for full resurrection of Zenos. Zenos and DanDanDan wander in the space and finally settles in Earth, where they can find many living creatures. Zenos calls his old underlings for his grand project but it doesn't seem to work well because of our Mini Force and clumsy mistakes DanDanDan makes.

Genre; Animation


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