Kong: The Animated Series

Kong: The Animated Series


When King Kong fell from the skyscraper upon being taken down by the biplanes, a scientist named Dr. Lorna Jenkins took DNA samples from him which she used to recreate Kong with the help of the DNA of her grandson Jason. Many years later, Dr. Lorna Jenkins sends an E-Mail to her grandson where he and his friend Eric "Tan" Tannenbaum IV are invited to Kong's home on Kong Island. What they didn't know is that their university professor Ramone De La Porta had tampered with the E-Mail so that he got invited as well. Upon meeting the native girl Lua, the group is taken to Dr. Lorna Jenkin's lab where Ramone's true colors are shown. Upon getting access to the Cyber-Link technology, Ramone uses it to steal some of the Primal Stones in a plot to take over the world. The Primal Stones were used to keep the demon Chiros in his prison. With his Cyber-Link that can merge him with Kong, Jason and his friends must work to reclaim the Primal Stones from Ramone De La Porta and his followers while fighting the forces of Chiros.

Genre; Adventure, Animation, Drama, Fantasy


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