Jewelpet: Magical Change English Subbed

Jewelpet: Magical Change English Subbed


7 years ago, a strange castle fell from the sky into a normal suburban town without warning. Confusion has arisen about where this castle came from, and the town's citizens have come in to investigate, only to fail due to being locked. Now known as the Jewel Castle, no one has been paying attention to it ever since its sudden arrival on Earth. In fact, people have never known the castle is of other worldy origin, as Jewel Land's magic fades, the castle appears in the human world due to mankind's fading belief in magic. In order to strengthen its magic once more, Jewelpets are sent all across the Human World in order to study their way of life and in hopes that their helping hand could rekindle their "magic-believing hearts". One of the Jewelpets sent to Earth is Ruby; a cheerful Japanese hare who ends up with Airi Kirara, a young girl who befriends her at a young age. Years later, Airi, now at the age of 14, is still remembering that meeting and now wearing a pendant that her father gave her. She then met up with other Jewelpets: Luna, Larima and Labra, who came to her world from Jewel Land searching for Ruby. As they found her and got into trouble, Ruby discover a new ability; merging with Airi's pendant to change into a human being to cast magic. Now, the Jewelpets must try to get adjusted to the new world while they try to discover the mysteries behind Airi's pendant and its relation to the incident 7 years ago..

Genre; Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Magical Girl, shoujo

Language; Subbed

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