'Gulab Nagar Junglees' are a bunch of youngsters, namely - Guru, Gyani, Bull, Bablu, Shekhar and Ajay. These youngsters, under the coaching and guidance of Sweety Aunty, hone their cricket skills and go against a bunch of big bad bullies, who would play the game but never by the rules. While , Col. Singh and Sweety Aunty are the die-hard supporters of the youngsters, the wealthy Thakral, is often at cross, with the youngsters, subjecting them to one challenge after another. The youngsters take on challenge after challenge to get out of every tough situations, they would find themselves in. As a result, each episode is a cricket match, against a new set of opponents. While, the opponents vary, the youngsters also often find themselves pitted against Thakral, a wealthy businessman from neighborhood, who intends to acquire the Gulab Nagar Society land.

Genre; Action, Comedy, Sports


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