Galaxy High

Galaxy High


Two earth teenagers are accepted into the InterGalactic high school, Galaxy High School on the asteroid Flutor. The teenage boy, Doyle, was a skilled athlete and popular, while the teenage girl Aimee was shy and as the theme song states, "the smartest girl in school, not very popular, not very cool." But once in space their roles are somewhat reversed. The alien teenagers seem to accept the not so popular Aimee, while Doyle tends to rub the aliens the wrong way. Although Doyle finds himself an outcast and having difficulties adjusting, Aimee does not abandon him, and suggests he can make friends and bring glory to Galaxy High through his excellent sporting abilities, which he does by winning a championship in "psych-hockey", which Galaxy High always lost. The show drops many hints of a budding romance between Doyle and Aimee but was never given time to grow due to the show not being renewed for a second season. The aliens in the school included Gilda Gossip, the girl with the big mouth or mouths, Booey Bubblehead, who has a bubble for a head and is absent-minded, Milo De Venus, the six armed class president, Beef and the Bonk Bunch who bully Doyle (and just about every student at Galaxy High), and The Creep, a small alien who resembled something between a very fat cherub and a marshmallow and had a huge crush on Aimee which would often reveal itself as he serenaded like a Las Vegas lounge singer. The teachers are even more unusual than the students: Ms. Biddy McBrain has a light bulb attached to her head while Coach Frogface eats flies and Professor Icenstein has to keep his classroom cold or he will melt.

Genre; Family, Sci-fi


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