In the town of Willowby, A tall skinny blue dog named Foofur (voiced by Frank Welker) has taken refuge in a mansion, in 32 Maple Street, which is also his birthplace. In Foofur's group is his niece, Rocki, (voiced by Christina Lange) Fencer the Cat (voiced by Eugene Williams), Louis (voiced by Richard Gautier), his girlfriend, Annabell (voiced by Susan Tolsky), Dolly (voiced by Susan Blu), Hazel (voiced by Pat Carroll), Hazel's husband, Fritz-Carlos (voiced by Jonathan Schmock), and Burt (voiced by William Callaway). Foofur and his friends however, have an enemy in a woman named Mrs. Amelia Escrow (voiced by Susan Silo) and her pet Chihuahua named Pepe (voiced by Don Messick) as Pepe tries to expose Foofur's illegal roommates – but always to no avail. Mrs. Escrow has tried many times to sell the estate, but unknown to Her, Foofur and his friends keep the house from being bought, as they also protect their home from rodents like the Rat Brothers, other cats like Vinnie and His Cat Pack, and greedy humans. While trying to stop Mrs. Escrow, Foofur tries to evade having his friends captured by the Bowser Busters' dog catchers Mel (voiced by David Doyle) and Harvey (voiced by Michael Bell).

Genre; Animation, Comedy, Family

Language; Cartoon

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