Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog


Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is a fast-paced cartoon with much slapstick humor, akin to such shows as The Ren & Stimpy Show or Tiny Toons Adventures. The show features very few recurring characters, usually just Sonic, Tails, Robotnik and his two hench-bots Scratch and Grounder (with a third robot, Coconuts, appearing often) - however, there are many occasional minor characters and robots too. The plots often loosely follow the storyline of the video games series, although when the cartoon began, the Sonic games were still quite new, and lacking much plot or character development, which was filled in by the show's writers. The title of Sonic Says (Well known as Sonic Sez) Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was created by DiC Entertainment, which produced a total of 13 episodes for its first season, and was syndicated by Bohbot Entertainment, now BKN International. The first episode was "Best Hedgehog" (actually episode 13 in production order, shown September 6) and the last was "Hero of the Year" (episode 60 in production order, shown December 3). DiC ceased production on this comical interpretation to spend more time on its darker interpretation, dubbed just Sonic the Hedgehog (commonly known as SatAM by fans), a series launched on ABC's Saturday morning line-up.

Genre; Action, Adventure, Animated, Comedy

Language; Cartoon

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