Abby in Wonderland

Abby in Wonderland


Abby wants very much to be in her own fairy tale. Elmo takes an interest in Abby's wish and tells her the story of "Alice in Wonderland". For a second Abby falls asleep and she opens her eyes to see that she is wearing a blue dress and blouse and Elmo has turned into a rabbit and is in a great hurry. Abby follows Elmo down a tunnel. At the bottom she loses her wand to Elmo, who disappears at the end of the tunnel. Abby notices there is a small door, but its locked. She finds the key to the door on a table that just appeared. She unlocks the door, but she's too big to fit through the little door. With that she closes, locks the door and puts the key back on the table. Then Abby notices there is a bottle that just appeared. Before Abby can drink it, the bottle tells her not to drink him, but say things that rhyme with 'drink'. Abby does and she shrinks to the right size to go through the door, but she recalls she locked it and left the key on the table, where it is out of her reach. Abby finds a cookie who tells her to say things that rhyme with 'eat'. Abby says so many rhymes, she grows pretty big, but she manages to balance her size, grab the key and shrink herself to a small size. Abby takes Bottle and Cookie with her as she unlocks the door and enters a flowerbed...

Genre; Family, Movie, Musical

Language; Movie

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