Animated Stories from the Bible Episode 4 Esther


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Mordecai, a Hebrew, is the gatekeeper at the palace of a great Babylonian king. A woman brings him an orphaned infant girl named Esther. Mordecai raises her as his own daughter, devoutly praying that God care for her. Years pass, and Esther has grown into a kind and beautiful young woman. King Xerxes has ascended to the Babylonian throne, with the evil Haman as his principal adviser. Xerxes has banished his wife, and sends for all of the young women in the kingdom so that he may choose a new wife. At first Mordecai is reluctant to send Esther to Xerxes. But God has chosen Esther for great things, and Mordecai prepares Esther for her meeting with the King. He warns her never to reveal that she is a Jew. Xerxes finds Esther beautiful, and makes her his queen. Over time, Esther helps King Xerxes to understand that in order to be a great king, he must be kind and generous. But evil is at work in the person of the king's second in command, Haman, who declares that everyone in the kingdom must bow down before him. Mordecai refuses, declaring that as a Jew he will bow to no one except his God. This enrages Haman, who vows to destroy all the Jews. Haman goes to Xerxes and falsely claims there is a plot among the Jews to overthrow the kingdom. Mordecai overhears Xerxes give Haman permission to hang all the Jews. Mordecai asks Esther to intervene with Xerxes on the behalf of the Jews. Queen Esther asks all of the Jews to fast for three days, knowing full well that her confrontation with the King and Haman will bring her own death. The brave Esther declares to the King that she is a Jew. She says that her people wish the King no harm. "We only want to worship our God in peace." Haman demands her instant death but Xerxes, filled with Esther's goodness and God's love, believes her. He orders Haman executed on the same gallows that he had erected for the Jews. King Xerxes embraces Esther with love and gratitude, and rewards the good Mordecai by making him his second in command.

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